Leader: Rose Vawser

W/ELCA or "Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America" is a women's organization that spans our whole Lutheran denomination.  Local chapters vary in congregational activity, but many chapters are the nexus or backbones of their particular congregations.

W/ELCA at St. Mark's participates in monthly meetings that feature speakers or guest presenters and "lunch", as well as through W/ELCA circles (bible studies and fellowship).  Each year, their fundraising activities allow them to provide significant offerings to the larger church or to specific ministries and missionaries of their choosing.

W/ELCA at St. Mark's is a community asset and a vital ministry.  If you want to know more, give our congregational W/ELCA president a call, Rose Vawser, at (402) 373-2504.

  September 2018  
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