What We Believe

We believe that we are called to be a movement...the momentum of which begins at Jesus' empty tomb and that lives and expresses itself in our community through the lives of the disciples of St. Mark.

We believe in the life of the Risen One, the man named Jesus who has called us as a church to FOLLOW him, GROW in him, and CONNECT others to him and his world-transforming work.

We believe that the Spirit of his new life, the Spirit of his resurrection is on the move in the world, calling humanity to faith and bringing God's future reign, his wholeness, healing, and transformation into our very present.

We believe that as Jesus' church, we are called to live from the power of Jesus' resurrection Spirit in all hopefulness, abundance of life, and through the generosity of our lives.

We believe, and live as though we believe, that the tomb of Jesus is in fact empty.

We are a church…

  1. that is ALL INCLUSIVE: The Gospel is everyone and does not exclude. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are God’s declaration to the world that it is God who gets the last word and that word is a word of LIFE. Because of this, everyone is welcome in the life of God. Not only this, everyone is expected.
  2. where GOD’S GIFTS ARE FREE: God does not exclude us from his saving life based upon our ability to understand, to receive, to believe, or to lead a blameless life. He just comes and claims us in his death and life. Age and membership are not barriers to full participation in the life of the body or participation in the Sacraments.
  3. that is BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING: God gifts us to gift the world. We are not repositories for God’s FREE gifts, but channels through which God’s blessings flow. We are blessed to be a blessing. Every blessing we’ve been given belongs to God, and God intends those blessings to be gifted to the world and not hoarded and managed by us for our own purposes.
  4. where EVERY MEMBER IS A MINISTER: Because we are all channels for God’s FREE gifts, every disciple is a minister, and expression and extension and part of Christ’s body, the body that is given for the sake and for the life of the world.
  5. THAT GET’S OUT OF GOD’S WAY: Because God is always ahead of us in mission, he’s already engaged in his work of blessing, claiming, and reaching the world entire. The daily questions for the church and especially leadership in the church is, “Where are we getting in the way of God’s FREE gifts, of God’s mission to bless the world through us, of being God’s loving and hands and feet, and of creating an environment where every disciple becomes a channel through which God can act for this world he so desperately loves?”
  6. THAT LIVES IN ACCOUNTABILITY TO EACH OTHER: In the midst of conflict, we hold each other accountable to behavior that honors Christ and Christ in each of us. We are a church that lives out of Matthew 18 for the resolution of all conflict. Conflict may be inevitable, but combat is optional.

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