May 2019   
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We gather for prayer, praise, Word and Sacrament and then are Sent into the world to serve and love.


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Friday Cleaning Crew
9:00 AM
come enjoy coffee and rolls
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St. Mark's Congregational Council
Leader: Missy Thiele, Congregational President

The St. Mark Congregational Council is a wonderful group of dedicated and passionate folks who strive to live out our mission statement of Following Jesus, Growing in Jesus, and Connecting others to Jesus and his work.  They have been entrusted by the congregation to manage its affairs but they also seek to equip others for doing God's work in the world.  

Recently, the council decided to re-engage in this mission by organizing several working groups (or teams), each of which will concentrate on specific areas of ministry.  Each group has the freedom to dream and imagine how they might be open to new ways of responding to God's amazing grace and sharing that grace with others in word and deed.  These teams are:

Worship, Christian Education, Visitation, Memorial, Stewardship, Property, Staff/Pastoral relations, Community life.

There is no specific group responsible for evangelism because WE ALL are messengers of the good news!  Every facet of our life together, every focus of every group, all flow into our telling of God's good news in Jesus Christ!  This is the joy that infuses all that we do.  If you have an inspiration, or even just the seed of an idea, that furthers this mission, contact us and together we will seek to make it happen.  

The St. Mark Congregational Council is comprised of four congregational officers (3 who are elected and the treasurer who is paid), 6 congregationally elected at-large members, and the pastor.  Our council consists of the following faithful servants:  Missy Thiele, Joe Hunhoff, Vice President, Wally Holz, Secretary, Ben Kumm, Heather Broders, Abby Folck, Laurel Johnson, Kathryn Zeber and Gary Eisenhauer.


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