St. Dysmus Prison Ministry
Leader: Pastor Tim

"St. Dysmus Lutheran Church" is a prison congregation that serves Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield, South Dakota.  One of the wonderful ways it reaches out with its unique witness is that it invites area congregations to join it for worship on Thursday evenings.  The worship is wonderful, features a full choir, praise band, and some of the most energetic and passionate worship you'll ever encounter.  St. Mark's is invited to participate in the worship life of this vibrant community twice a year.  When our time comes around, there are usually 12 spaces open for members to participate.

Those who go regularly report that it is a transformative and life-changing experience that is not only an incredible blessing to outsiders like us who get to go, but also for the inmates who are humbled by those who would take time out of busy lives and schedules to invest in and show Christ's love for them.

If you are interested in joining in the transformation, contact the church office at 402-373-4371

  September 2018  
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